Product Consulting & UX Design

Great products start with the user. Whether you need two weeks of product consulting or just some extra insight spread throughout the project, we’re always working to help you ship something simple, effective, and usable.

Everybody on our team cares about user experience. Whether we’re performing interviews and producing formal plans, sketching quick wireframes, or evolving an existing app to improve the UX, we’re always considering how we can improve the experience.

Android, iPhone & iPad Development

Android and iOS users expect their apps to be built right. We pride ourselves on building apps that are smooth, polished, and easy to use. Our customers have said; “I have never met a group of developers who cared so much about the user experience.”

We’ve built everything from photo apps to ticketing systems, 3D visualizations to form engines, retail apps to music apps. The problem is always different, but the approach is always thoughtful design and iteration.

Visual & User Interface Design

We craft every pixel of our products. Sometimes that just means matching the iOS or Android look and feel so users feel at home. Other times, that means a beautiful custom UI to knock people’s socks off.

At the minimum, apps need a fetching icon and and App Store screenshots that represent them well. Often, they also need various icons, buttons, controls, a landing site for the app – even an entire brand. Whatever gaps there are in your product’s visual language, we’re here to fill them.