Nathan Software was founded in August 1987 in Hamilton Scotland UK. Soon after became involved in writing specialised bespoke application software for small to medium sized companies.

The company has continued to grow and has become a market force in the bespoke accounting solutions. Nathan Software continues to stick to its goals of providing superb value to its customers. This is their path for success.


Nathan Software development approach is focused first and foremost upon delivering projects on-time and within budget. The primary objective of any Nathan Software Solutions engagement is to make our customers successful in their chosen marketplace. To that end, Nathan Software is committed to developing innovative ways to partner with our clients for our combined success.

The Nathan Software solutions enables project managers and team members to quickly exploit industry best practices to develop and deploy bespoke Client/Server applications. The process is designed to provide a framework for the delivery of high quality applications in an enterprise environment. The Delivery Process covers the full system development life cycle from initial concept through deployment of the application. It includes all the application development and project management activities and techniques necessary for a successful project.

Nathan Software Solutions works collaboratively with your organization to determine your business requirements and deliver a complete solution. We view our role as catalysts to your organisation - defining and refining your requirements, building consensus among users, and focusing the group on critical business issues. 
Once the business requirements for the system are specified, Nathan Software works with your organisation to deliver the specified system.